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2017 School Handouts


Workshop # Workshop Presenters
Monday Monday Morning Plenary Presentation .pdf P. Morgan
A1-B1 The Pain of Pleasure-Heroin and Other Opioids.pdf M. Norton
A1-B1 Current Prescription Opioids-2.pdf M. Norton
A4-B4 ETHICS & BOUNDARIES PACKET Ethical Code.pdf P. Morgan
A4-B4 ETHICS & BOUNDARIES Packet -PPT handout.pdf P. Morgan
A8 Instituting Zero Suicide - Georgia School of Addiction Studies 8.28.17.pptx Chen
A10 Neuroscience of effective praise.pptx Nerney
B3 Plaice - Understanding Trangender client - 3hrs PDF.pdf Christy Plaice
B10 A Matter of Trust.pptx Nerney
C1 Career Skills Building and Leadership Skill Building.pptx D. Ricks
C2 Ready Set Change .docx Queen
C4-D4 DBT Tools for use with SA and Trauma.pptx T. Wilson
C5-D5 Shining Through the Wounds.pdf C. Plaice
C6-D6 Reefer Madness 2017.pdf M. Norton
C6-D6 The Two Tales of Marijuana.pdf M. Norton
D1 How to Market Yourself In a Competitive Job-(2)- August 2017.pdf L. Cannon
D1 How to Market Yourself In a Competitive Job.jpg L. Cannon
D2 Families in Crisis.doc Queen
C. Tarver
F4 Overcoming Trauma with Tensegrity (1).pdf C. Tarver
F6 Vision Boards and the Substance Abuse Client.pptx P. Wright
F8 PPT Presentation Goss
F8 GSAS Presentation.pptx L Kassa
F8 GSAS Presentation.pptx T Jones
F11 GSAS Advocacy ls bn FINAL 7-27-17.pptx L. Searcy
G1-H1 TMH_ SaffordHandout-Clinician_Ethics Decision Making Models handout.pdf L. Cannon
G1-H1 What Clinicians Need to Know About Tele-mental Health- ppt July 2017- correct copy.pdf L. Cannon
G1-H1 HIPAA Compliant Video Companies and their Service Packages- corrected copy.docx L. Cannon
G1-H1 fact-sheet-take-steps-to-protect-information (1).pdf L. Cannon
G1-H1 LEJ Behavioral Health Services Informed Consent for Supervisors Blank Form (1).docx L. Cannon
G2-H2 Personality.pp.GSAS.2017.pptx W. Cameron
G5-H5 Therapy Meditation Workshop Handout.docx C. Corbin
G12 2017_school_handouts2/G12 - L. Searcy GSAS nicotine final.pptx L. Searcy
I1 Burnout & Secondary Trauma.pdf S. Dykes
I3 Working Addicted Family System.pptx Fluker
I4 MAT and Pregnancy 2017.pptx L. Akine
I6 Ethics in Clinical Supervision ppt handout.docx Phillips
I12 ASYD Presentation Landes
I12 Quality Practice_/Handout1_Raising the Bar_Standards sample.pdf Landes
/I12 Quality Practice_/Handout2_Raising the Bar_Who When How.pdf Landes



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